September Faculty Spotlight: Four TDPS faculty members and lecturers present world premieres this month!

FourWorldPremieresOne of the core strengths of the Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies is our faculty, and the expertise each faculty member brings in their respective field. TDPS is fortunate to have internationally renowned practitioners in our midst—practicing professionals with diverse, exciting professional careers who also bring their talents, skills and experience to the classroom. This month alone, we celebrate four world premieres in the Bay Area by TDPS faculty members and lecturers! We hope you will join us in recognizing and supporting their work.


MONSTRESS by TDPS Professor Philip Kan Gotanda and TDPS lecturer Sean San José premieres at A.C.T. on September 16. Commissioned by A.C.T. and based on the acclaimed short story collection by San Francisco author Lysley Tenorio, this evening of two new plays is a contemporary take on Filipino-American Life in California. The headline-making eviction of Filipino residents from San Francisco’s International Hotel in the 1970’s sets the stage for Gotanda’s stirring Save the I-Hotel, while Sean San José’s retelling of the title-story “Monstress” explores the resilience of a community struggling to find a place in the American Dream.

More info about MONSTRESS, playing September 16-November 22 at ACT.


Joe Goode’s latest piece Poetics Of Space, presented by Joe Goode Performance Group, opens September 24. Inspired and named after the book “The Poetics of Space” by French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, choreographer and TDPS Professor Joe Goode’s latest work is an immersive performance installation that breaks the fourth wall to explore the intricate relationship between audience and performer. As the spectator makes decisions about how to travel through the installation, they encounter a series of intimate, up-close spaces, and their own physical actions influence the action they are witnessing and participating in.

More info about “Poetics of Space,” presented by Joe Goode Performance Group September 24-October 11 at the Joe Goode Annex.


ODC Theater presents the premiere of Amara Tabor-Smith’s EarthBodyHOME on September 24. Inspired by the life, work and legacy of Cuban artist Ana Mendieta (1948-1985), EarthBodyHOME weaves together a dreamlike allegory of exile, disruption, spiritual longing, patriarchy in the art world, and a spirit’s return to mother earth. Commissioned by ODC Theater, TDPS lecturer Amara Tabor-Smith’s evening length multi-media dance theater piece encompasses varied aspects of performance to present a ritual-based work that contemplates myth in our contemporary society.

More info about ODC Theater’s presentation of Amara Tabor-Smith EarthBodyHOME September 24-26.



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