Spring Courses

Courses required of our undergraduate majors are offered at least once a year, in either Fall or Spring depending on faculty availability and departmental needs.  Given that the exact timing of required courses cannot always be predicted, students are strongly urged to take their requirements as early in their time in TDPS as possible.  Exceptions to the requirements will not be made.

See the TDPS Class Schedule for a list of classes – title/instructor/day/time/location

See the Berkeley Academic Guide for a full listing of  Spring 2018 TDPS Courses, including descriptions and special enrollment instructions.


Graduate courses in Performance Studies are open to all qualified graduate students; however, unusually qualified undergraduate students may be eligible to take graduate seminars offered through the Graduate Group in Performance Studies.  Undergraduate students wishing to register for a graduate seminar must meet all of the following conditions:

For TDPS Majors:

a. have already taken the three required PS upper division courses, with a GPA of at least 3.6 average in those courses
b. have the prior written approval of the instructor, acknowledging that s/he has discussed the course with you, and has been informed of your background and GPA
c. understand that the graduate seminar is taken as an “elective”

For non-TDPS Majors

a. have a GPA of at least 3.6 average in relevant upper-division coursework in another department (i.e., formal courses in literature, history, theory, or cultural studies), and have taken at least three upper-division courses of this kind in the home department
b. have the prior written approval of the instructor, acknowledging that s/he has discussed the course with the student, and has been informed of his/her background and GPA

It is understood that in approaching an instructor for permission, the student will make his/her qualifications for the course (i.e. prior background and GPA) known to the instructor; students who have instructor approval but do not meet the GPA/background requirement will not be permitted in the course.

It is understood that the required classes for the Ph.D. in Performance Studies (200, 201, 202, 203) are normally closed to undergraduate students, as these courses play a crucial role both in professionalizing Ph.D. students and in providing them with a common critical vocabulary.