On TDPS’S 2017-18 Playhouse + Studio Productions

Peter Glazer + Philip Kan Gotanda, TDPS Production Committee Co-Chairs

TDPS’s 2017-2018 season celebrates provocative theatricality, rich language, and unconventional storytelling. The Playhouse and Studio productions this year are works inspired by dreams, myths, and the elusive natures of love and humanity. Works that approach the theatrical idiom with energy and innovation. Works that open themselves to stylistic innovation, humor, and flights of fancy. Works that allow for a breadth of diversity and inclusion in casting. Works that will provide an expansive palette for our actors, designers, and technicians. These are works with big visions and big ideas.  

In October, you will see Metamorphoses, by renowned playwright-director auteur Mary Zimmerman. This adaptation of Ovid’s classic myths, directed by TDPS’s own Christopher Herold (who has been interested in directing this piece for years), is an ensemble piece that features a large cast. The show’s emphasis on water will allow our designers and production crew to showcase their craft in unique and exciting ways. Metamorphoses promises to be a visually stylish, inventively staged, and most entertaining production. It will be presented in the Playhouse.

Next comes Mechanics of Love by the exciting Berkeley playwright Dipika Guha, one of America’s most promising young playwrights, and a graduate of Brown and the Yale School of Drama. Mechanics of Love, directed by long-time TDPS associate Christine Nicholson, takes a playfully incisive look at the ephemeral couplings and uncouplings of love. Written for a quartet of actors, all the roles are integral and fully realized. This is a Studio Production to be presented in the Playhouse.

In the spring, TDPS presents Berkeley Dance Project 2018. Note that instead of being performed in its usual April spot, this year BDP takes place in February. The work will be created during the fall semester, and features new works by award-winning Bay Area choreographers James Graham (also a TDPS alum) and Katie Faulkner, who directs the concert. Graham’s collaborative piece explores gender identity, self-understanding, and how we present ourselves in the world, while Katie Faulkner’s multimedia dance work builds imaginative connections between stories of metamorphosis, surreality, and the supernatural. This is a Playhouse Production. 

TDPS then presents a Studio Production of David Ives one-acts directed by undergraduates and supervised by director Peter Glazer. Ives is a recognized genius of short, sharp, smart plays, and this show, titled All in the Timingincludes pieces from his collections All in the Timing, and Time Flies. Undergraduates have the opportunity to direct work, with full production support, in this festival format presented in Zellerbach Room 7, and the format also allows for a number of actors to participate with a lesser time commitment than many of our productions require.

In April, Philip Kan Gotanda will direct his visually evocative and movement-driven The Dream of Kitamurain collaboration with choreographer Katie Faulkner. This play is an early work from Gotanda’s more experimental canon, with the plot built around a central image that Gotanda dreamt. Early collaborators were David Henry Hwang, and Jean Erdman and Joseph Campbell with their Theater Of The Open Eye. The narrative is presented through text and movement, and Faulkner’s work will be integral to the story telling. This is a Playhouse production.

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