Exploration of Forms | Symbology of Orixá Dances Workshop with Rosangela Silvestre

  • Public Workshop Series

  • Bancroft Dance Studio, 2401 Bancroft Way

  • March 17, 2019
  • 1–3pm
  • Get Here/Parking

A study of the connections between the rhythms and the traditional movements, archetypes and stories of the Orixa dances, interpreted as an art form. This class is a journey into the discovery of how the sacred symbolism of this tradition inspires the body to dance, making the connection between the traditional movements and rhythms of the Orixa, to our own human nature.

Exploration of Forms is a free, public workshop series. No previous dance experience is necessary. All workshops take place on Sundays, 1-3pm, in Bancroft Dance Studio at UC Berkeley. Donations are encouraged.