La Futura: a lecture presentation by Argentine dance theater maker Mayra Bonard

  • Lecture

  • Dwinelle Hall, Room 370

  • November 4, 2015
  • 5:30 PM

Argentine dance theater maker Mayra Bonard will speak about Argentine dance theater, her body of work and her artistic process and artistic derivations.

Mayra Bonard is a dancer, performer, choreographer, director and studied classical and contemporary dance, theatre, playwrighting, martial arts, music, photography and philosophy. She is a founding member of El Descueve, an independent, prestigious and influential collective group of dance theater makers in Buenos Aires. Their work has had a strong impact on contemporary dance internationally as well as experimental local theater. Her interest has always resided in creating original work rather than performing preexisting works. Her pieces are a stellar example of a true blending of dance and theater. The pieces mix elements of contemporary dance, music, dance, theatre, and performance art.  Her work is sensual, at times, comic, but, also very transformative in its emotionalism.


Dance Theater Workshop at the Joe Goode Annex
November 14 & 15 | Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco | For more info and to register, click HERE


Selections from Bonard’s works “Cariño” and “Selección Natural”
November 20 & 21, 8:00 PM | Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco | $30 | Purchase tickets HERE