Dancing Cy(i)phers: Hip Hop’s Embodied Expression

  • Symposium & Workshop

  • Hearst Memorial Gymnasium, Bancroft Ave and Bowditch, Berkeley, CA 94720

  • March 2, 2019
  • 9am–6pm
  • $15–25
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As a symposium and workshop offering, Dancing Cyphers: Hip Hop’s Embodied Expression will bring together dance communities interested in Hip Hop (an umbrella term). The event will delve into the history of African American street dance, culture, and the scholarship around its global impact and ancestral connections to specific African dance traditions. Panel discussions and master classes led by distinguished dance artists—Shabba Doo of the Original Lockers (Locking), Ejoe Wilson of New York’s Elite Force Crew (Hip Hop and House), Oakland native Traci Bartlow of Starchild Entertainment (vernacular jazz and Hip Hop), and Oakland native Darrin Hodges of Oakland’s Gentlemen of Production (Boogaloo)—will give participants a glimpse of the cultural and socio-political-economic landscape from which hip hop and other street dance forms (freestyle, club dance, breakin’, locking, popping, krumping, turfing, boogaloo, etc.) emerged regionally in African American communities. The day will conclude a workshop in African Dance Presence in Hip Hop open cypher.