Berkeley Dance Project 2016

Cal Students, Staff & Faculty, & Seniors: $13 online in advance, $15 at the door. ID required.

General Admission: $18 online in advance, $20 at the door.

Directed by Lisa Wymore
April 21-30, Zellerbach Playhouse
Featuring choreography by Lisa Wymore, Amara Tabor-Smith, Katie Faulkner and TDPS students Heather Brown, Hesed Kim and Sebastian Hernandez.
Inspired by the theme “locally grown”


• Rondo Variation: Animating Bruce Beasley’s Ring Sculptures // choreographed by Lisa Wymore with Bruce Beasley

“Rondo Variation started over a year ago when Professor Shannon Jackson (Associate Vice Chancellor of Art + Design) introduced renowned American sculptor Bruce Beasley to choreographer and TDPS professor Lisa Wymore. Bruce had the idea to animate his Rondo sculptures using sensor technology so that they could become extensions of the dancers’ bodies, full of tension and emotions. As the dancers move, accelerometers within iPods serve as body sensors, sending data to a central computer that maps their motion onto animated rings, which are projected onto the back wall of the stage. In addition, off-stage operators track each dancer’s spatial location in real time. Ursula Kwong Brown’s (Graduate Student of Music at UC Berkeley) original score is performed by cellist Joanne de Mars, and the sound is processed and manipulated live to enhance the bodily sensation of connectivity and real-time responsiveness.”


• Plow // choreographed by Katie Faulkner

“This piece uses the theme of locally grown to examine the consequences of unfettered growth, especially as it relates to our current climate of prolific development and displacement in the Bay Area. The driving impetus behind the work has been to evoke a particular feeling state, one that draws from the looming sense that a community’s space and environment is under siege and largely by forces beyond its control.”

• STAND // choreographed by Amara Tabor-Smith

“What are the catalyzing elements that give birth to social justice movements? What brings people together to unite for change and what tears them apart? These are the core questions that drove the creative process in the making of tonight’s work. Drawing from the history of Social Justice movements in the Bay Area between the 1960s and the present, STAND is a devised work honoring the rich legacy of locally grown activism that continues to this day.”

• It’s a Girl! // choreographed by TDPS student Heather Brown

“This piece explores the idea of being a woman, and the accompanying stereotypes and assumptions that affect how women are told to present themselves. It examines the different—and complex—parts of being a female, and aims to portray the overall idea that there is no one way to be a woman.”

• 2:30 AM // choreographed by TDPS student Hesed Kim

“Strange things happen at 2:30 AM. As the cool breeze of the night overcomes the city, I find myself the most vulnerable at this time. Too late to be evening, and too early to be morning, I find myself in a liminal space of exposure, having nothing to confront but my own self. In this solo I explore what it means to un-perform, to be honest with myself, and especially to be honest with others.”

• Brown Faggot // choreographed by TDPS student Sebastian Hernandez

“This piece explores the phantasmagorical, physical and spiritual aspects of the queer brown imagination and the body’s continuous in-transit mode of operating in the midst of exhaustion and desire to create.”


Hear from the choreographers: