TDPS’s 2016/17 Season of Playhouse & Studio Productions

TDPS 2016/17 Season

Playhouse and Studio Productions

TDPS’s 2016/17 season, our 75th, explores ways that individuals fight against the odds, against seemingly insurmountable forces and powers greater than themselves, and manage to survive. In our Playhouse and Studio Productions this year, we delve into stories of conflict, and also of connection—with others, with causes, with the physical world.

Our fall productions investigate two different facets of war: Heart of Spain follows volunteers heading off to the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s to fight against fascism, while Reentry: The Process of Resilience, a physical theater work devised by choreographer Joe Goode, features stories of student veterans resuming their lives and relationships upon returning to civilian life. This spring, the battle in Polaroid Stories is on city streets, as homeless youth who are fighting to survive turn to myth, poetry and profanity to find meaning in their lives. Our other two spring shows, Love and Pride and Berkeley Dance Project, also feature themes of struggle, connectedness and communication. Each show will be brought to life by a new generation of artists who are creating work right here at UC Berkeley.

We invite you to join us for a season that celebrates humanity’s fighting spirit and probes the depths of our survival instinct, sacrifices and strength.

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Heart of Spain – A Musical of the Spanish Civil War

By Peter Glazer and Eric Peltoniemi // Directed by Peter Glazer
October 21-30 // Playhouse Production // The Playhouse

A musical exploration of the conflict that set the stage for World War II.

In conjunction with the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), TDPS presents Heart of Spain, a vibrant musical that follows a diverse group of US volunteers—men and women from a mix of socio-economic classes and racially diverse backgrounds—across the Atlantic, over the Pyrenees, and into battle as they fight to defend the Spanish Republic against fascist General Francisco Franco’s military coup on the eve of World War II.

Reentry: The Process of Resilience

Created and Directed by Joe Goode
November 17-20 // Studio Production // Durham Studio Theater

Voices of Cal student veterans form the foundation of a powerful physical theater piece

Reentry: The Process of Resilience is a new physical theater work by acclaimed choreographer Joe Goode, derived from interviews with Cal student veterans and their families. The piece explores how these brave individuals have worked to be resilient as they reintegrate into civilian life, and what they can teach us about the tenacity of the human spirit.

Fall Choreography Showcase

December 8-9 // Showcase // Zellerbach Room 7

The Fall Choreography Showcase highlights the work of emerging choreographers as TDPS students present original solos and duets. Come see the next generation of dance artists!

Polaroid Stories

By Naomi Iizuka // Directed by Margo Hall
March 3-12 // Playhouse Production // The Playhouse

A visceral blend of classical mythology and real life stories of street kids

In Polaroid Stories, Naomi Iizuka transports Ovid’s Metamorphoses myths to the streets, where punks, street kids and prostitutes weave mythology and their lives together into a spellbinding and haunting tapestry. With poetry and profanity, these youth living on the edge manipulate stories and the truth in order to understand, alter, forget, or escape the circumstances that keep them homeless: addiction, abuse, and poverty.

Love and Pride

Written and Directed by TDPS student Sy Desiree Jordan
March 16-19 // Studio Production // Zellerbach Room 7

An exploration of self identity and expression

Who am I? Where do I identify on the spectrums of gender identity and sexual orientation? Should I express or conceal myself? In this original new musical by TDPS undergrad student Sy Desiree Jordan, individuals identify, explore, and address their personal identifications, and also face situations like coming out, transitioning, and homelessness.

Berkeley Dance Project 2017

Choreography by Bay Area choreographers James Graham and Krista DeNio
April 20-29 // Playhouse Production // The Playhouse

Inspired by the theme “Digging Deep”

Berkeley Dance Project 2017 explores how we communicate with each other as humans, and the connections we have to our world and the organic life and elements that surround us. Krista DeNio’s Network considers the incredible abilities of plants
and humans to survive and thrive, even in tiny spaces and constrained realities, while James Graham’s For Elements explores the concepts of earth, fire, air, and water, and our relationships to each element.

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