Celebrate 75 with TDPS!

Share Your Memories

combat-_96001To help us celebrate TDPS’s 75th Anniversary, we’re inviting you to share your favorite memory of the department. Do you recall a particularly inspiring class or professor? A show you still can’t forget? An epiphany about art or life?

Throughout the coming year we’ll be sharing stories from members of our community.
Whether you were here last fall or more than 50 years ago, we’d enjoy hearing your memories.


“My directing class with Christopher Herold was a watershed moment in my education and in what would become my career. Visiting lecturer Peter Sellars also had a profound effect on my artistic point of view. But what I remember most are my fellow students who I have kept in contact with and the community of support we have for each other.” -Dean Lundquist, Class of 1998

“My education, experience and background in dance and theater from UC Berkeley is a part of the essence of who I am and will be throughout my life.” -Judith Brooks, Class of 1976

“My favorite/strongest/happiest memories from my time in the Department are a blurred stream of joyous feelings having been in Amara Tabor-Smiths’ Intermediate Modern Dance class my spring semester of freshman year and then again my fall semester of senior year – I didn’t miss a class that first year! Every drum beat, every breath in which we inhaled into our backs and exhaled to expand our energies into the collective – those are the moments I looked forward to each day of class with Amara! No upcoming paper, midterm, or procrastinated project could shake my love for immersing in her rooted modern perspective.” -Samantha “SAMMAY” Dizon, Class of 2014

Help Us Kick Off Our 75th Season

Join us for Opening Night of the first production in our 75th Season: Heart of Spain – A Musical of the Spanish Civil War, co-written and directed by TDPS Professor Peter Glazer. Enjoy the show, then stay for a reception to mingle, meet current TDPS leadership and students, and celebrate this great milestone!

Friday, October 21 | Performance at 8:00 PM | Zellerbach Playhouse
Find out more about the show and reserve your ticket online at tdps.berkeley.edu/events/heartofspain.

See a Show

In our 2016/17 season, we tell stories of people fighting against the odds—striving against seemingly insurmountable forces—and finding the will to survive. Stories of strength and of sacrifice. Of the bonds in our lives, and the beauty too. Come join us at the theater and help us celebrate our 75th Season!

For info and tickets, visit tdps.berkeley.edu/season.

Support the Next 75

75 years! That’s a big deal. You—our students, alumni, donors and advocates—and your support have played a large role in our successes so far. Your contributions directly support the work in our classes and on our stages. We are glad you are with us on this journey!

In honor of our 75th anniversary, please consider giving a gift of $75 (or $750, or $7.50, or a number that is meaningful to you!) to help inspire and support the next generation of artists and scholars.

To make a donation, visit tdps.berkeley.edu/support.